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Solar Charger & Flashlight

Solar Charger & Flashlight



• This Product is a multi-function business-use solar emergency charger, with built-in high-capacity    rechargeable lithium polymer battery can be used anywhere & anytime on your Mobile Phone, Digital Cameras, PDA,PSP,MP3,MP4,GPS,DV and other digital products.
• When you travel or work in the wild, or face power cuts, solar charger can make your cell phone and digital products keep working and contacting with outside anytime & anywhere. It’s all alluminium design, easy to carry.
• Easy to use: no matter when and where you can easily recharge your cell phone or other digital products.
• High efficiency: Just recharging 60 minutes, can talk online 100-150 minutes.
• Energy Saving and Environment Protection: Use green energy, the solar chargers, let’s work together to contribute to environment protection.
• LED Lights: A high-brigtness far horizon LED lights, can working more than 30 hours to facilitate the use of emergency and at night.
• Safety for use: A recgargeable power management features to protect and effectively extend the battery life, keep you use safely.
• Imported high-conversion efficiency of the single crystal silicon or polycrystalline silicon chip, keep the solar energy conversion rate up to 16% or more.
• Solar panels specification: 5.5V, 150mA, power up to 0.8W
• The built-in high-capacity rechargeable lithium battery
• Output voltage: 3.7V, 4.2V, 5.5V, 9V multiplicate output ports optionable
• Output current: 400-800mA
• Charging time for built-in battery of solar charger: 10-15 Hours
• If computer USB port or AC adapter recharge the built-in battery, charging time: 3-5 hours

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